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  August 11

"Big-Band" Tapes & Tuning Tips

"Million" AC power cord

AC power cords

HIJIRI "Million" Interconnect cables

Interconnect cables

Speaker cables

Tuning feet and tuning bases

Rack and system board

Room tuning devices

Cable tuning devices

Analog tuning devices

CD tuning sheets

Enacom Series

Audio Noise Eliminators for Line Cable, AC Power Supply, Speaker, XLR and Mic: A revolutionary breakthrough!

Xrcd & LP Analogs

“Big-Band” Ultimate Tuning Tapes

For exquisite music reproduction

Harmonix “Big-Band” tuning tapes improve the signal transmission when applied to analog and digital signal cables, headphone cables and speaker cables, and better conductance when applied to power cords.

“TuningMaster” RS-1502M and “Hyotan” RFS-65m

Two tuning feet released from Million Maestro series

The “Million” Maestro series TuningMaster represents the latest innovation in tuning feet created specifically for tube audio equipment, CD transports and ribbon-type loudspeakers that are especially susceptible to harmful resonance.

“Hyotan” is another new and proud Harmonix creation that complements the “Million” Maestro series of audiophile products. It is designed for various electronics and loudspeaker applications where space is limited.


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