Limited and Improved Version

X-DC AC power cord which was marketed since 1997 was one of the most popular and highly accepted AC power cord among serious music lovers around the world.
聖Hijiri SM2R-L, after further improvement to X-DC350M2R has been significantly better. SM2R-L Limited and improved version should certainly be satisfied with critical music listeners for amazingly smooth power conductance thereby more micro-details, liquidity, better dynamic, wider sound stage.
The exquisite and brilliant sound SM2R-L bring out of the systems will deliver a totally new experience and enjoyment in listening.

Wire: Newly designed Custom-made OFC directional.
Plug: WATTGATE 330iRH or 390iRH (Schuko type)
IEC Connector: WATTGATE 350iRH
Available size: 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m 2.5m and 3.0m long
Order to make other than above size is acceptable.

Suggestion: Always take enough break-in time before use so as to get better result. Every listening, take enough warm up time before listening.

聖HIJIRI “Nagomi” Power cords

Best Product 2017 by HIFI i Muzyka Poland

5 stars & Editor’s Choice 2017
by Hi-Fi Choice, Poland

Award & Review!

•Review! by High Fidelity (Feb/2016)
聖HIJIRI X-DCH “Nagomi”
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•Review! by Sound rebels (Mar/2016)
聖HIJIRI X-DCH “Nagomi”
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聖HIJIRI X-DCH “Nagomi”
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•Review! by Audio Video (May/2016)
聖HIJIRI X-DCH “Nagomi”
(in Polish)

•Award! by Hi-Fi Choice (Aug/2017)
(in Polish , in English)

Most involving Power Cord

聖Hijiri introduce a new power cord “Nagomi”. Nagomi is Japanese name and meaning to express - Peace in soulfully relaxing -. “Nagomi” is a kind of power cord that can deliver soulfully musical and touching and yet energetic sound like live.
“Nagomi” is designed and manufacturing in use of meticulously selected and custom-made materials including wire, and tuned perfectly with our oriented Resonance Control Technology. This technology unleash power conductance freely and eliminate harmful noise, and balancing entire music spectrum so natural and smooth that music lovers can enjoy lifelike sound that touch your soul.
Plugging “Nagomi” into no matter what type of electronics to include Power Amplifier, Control amplifier, CD transports, Digital-to Analog Converter, “Nagomi” deliver a vastly and unimaginable improved dynamic impact you have never ever experienced before. “Nagomi” is power cord bring you up to higher level in music listening entertainment. It is a cord you should not be missed out.

Tuning principle: Smooth power conductance and balances entire spectrum
Wire material : Custom design and special made Copper
Plug & IEC Connector: Wattgate 350iRH+330iRH or 390iRH (Schuko)
Available sizes :1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m
Longer size is also available to order
Note: Break-in time: longer time, more musical sound NAGOMI can deliver.