A revolutionary breakthrough In sound and image equipment, audio-video signals travel virtually without distortion through the electronic circuitry to the output terminals. But once the signal starts traveling beyond the output terminals and through the interconnect cables and speaker wires, it encounters load resistance, producing a ringing, high-frequency distortion. Enacom noise eliminators remove this harsh noise forever. Simply by connecting the appropriate Enacom device to your equipment, noise just disappears, and sound you didn’t know was there springs to vivid life. Music becomes more cleanly delineated, right down to the least nasal and metallic vocal, giving the sweetest, clearest signal you’ve ever experienced.

The Secret to Sweeter Sound

ENACOM audio noise eliminators by Harmonix are the easiest - and least expensive - way to filter out annoying RF noise as well as the ringing high frequency distortion caused by the inherent load resistance of interconnect cables and speaker wires.

The secret's out: Your system simply cannot sound any sweeter.

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