Combak Enacom Review

Date: Dec 6, 2002

The following is my review of the Combak corp. speaker Enacom's:

I recently had the opportunity to compare Walker Audio High Definition Links Mk II version with Combak Corporation's speaker Enacom filters. While both products are basically Zoebel networks (a resistor and capacitor in series), I found a profound difference in the performance of these products in my system. But before I get into these differences my system consists of Revel Salon speakers, Edge NL-10 amplifier, Adcom GFP-750 passive preamp, Meridian 508.24 CD player, and analog setup of Avid Volvere turntable with Rega RB-900 tone arm, Grado medium output "The Reference-The Reference" cartridge, and Tom Evans "The Groove" phono stage. Cables and interconnects are Wireworld Eclipse III+ all around, while power cords are a mixed bag of TG Audio SLVR, Ensemble FSX Megaflux, ESP Essence, and Harmonix Studio Master X-DC. Now YMMV, but the differences between the two filters in my system was immediately noticeable and appreciable. The Enacom's filtered more of the high frequency grunge out of the system. They gave an even blacker background from which notes erupted and allowed me to hear even deeper into the music. Also the soundstage seemed to be slightly deeper and appreciably wider than before with an even more localized placement of the musicians and singers on the numerous CD's and LP's I compared them with. When I switched back to the Walker's I initially thought that the Enacom's were robbing me of some high frequency detail, when in fact they were cleaning away more of the EMI/RFI that was getting into my system. Revel Salon's are a textbook example of a speaker that can benefit from the use of a Zoebel network speaker filter because they use 4th order crossovers and have metal dome tweeters which are extremely extended out to 30 kHz and can be prone to ringing. Due to this and their extremely revealing nature I did not need to perform this A-B testing more than twice to hear how much better my system sounded with the Enacom's installed. I even installed a pair of Enacom's on the bass half of the Salon's (they are biwired) and noticed a firming and focusing of the bass response of my speakers as well. By the way, both products were thoroughly broken in for over 200 hrs prior to any critical listening. When you consider price into this equation, the Enacom's become the screaming performance steal of the century since they retail for $99 as compared to the Walker Audio Links at $350. You could do a complete home theater with the Enacom's and still have $50 left over for CD's or DVD's. Too bad Combak Corporation is not all that well know in the U.S. Matter of fact, at $99, a pair of Speaker Enacom's makes a pretty nifty stocking stuffer for the audiophile in the household, just a suggestion for someone looking for that special something during the holiday season.


Major Darren Censullo