Speaker Cables

How much of your system's potential is actually reaching your speakers?

With Harmonix speaker cables, the answer is: all of it! These cables are faithful to the original recording, adding a previously-unheard roundness to the sound color, and a breathtaking depth and concentration. The difference is awe-inspiring! Increased expansiveness is evident the instant you turn on the music.

You'll wonder where all the extra sound came from. It was always there in your system to begin with; Harmonix speaker cables just help bring it out. After years of researching cable conductor materials, Harmonix discovered that each type of conductor has a specific electronic resonance signature, and resonates in a specific pattern. Our engineers found a way to compensate for this resonance so that it improves, rather than interferes with, signal quality. They incorporated this technology into the HS-101 speaker cables. Now more and more audiophiles are hearing just how good their audio systems actually sound.

HS101-EXQ “Exquisite”

High Definition Speaker Cable

Through our critical Study and test well over 3 years, Harmonix new speaker cable HS-EXQ "Exquisite" has been proven as "The Best" speaker cable in the marketplaces throughout the world of audio industry. The success of the elimination of electromagnetic waves maximum 99% has enhanced the frequency spectrum amazingly better by 7.8dB and S/N ratio than the most of common speaker cables sold in the market. HS-EXQ brings out astonishingly clear with rich of details, wider soundstage and unparalleled separation in sound. The result is, just guess when you wear a perfectly eyesight glasses, you experience totally new world in sight.

High purity PCOCC wire with absolute directional construction
Dual gold/Rhodium plated original designed terminal
Available in 1.5m, 2.0m,2.5m, 3m length, Longer length is made to order
Type of terminals: Banana, Y-shape, D-cut and Pin type (Purist PCOCC)

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“Sophisticated Listener's Choice”

HS-101-SLC Speaker Cable

Newly-designed OFC
Dual original copper/gold/stanaloid triple-plated spade lug terminals*
Multi-shield construction (special triple shield)
Absolute directional design
Available in 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m lengths, longer lengths available by special order
Set of 2 cables
* D-cut (for terminal ports in speakers), round pin, and banana (WBT) plugs available by special order

"Editor's Choice" HS101-SLC Review! by Hi-Fi Choice, Poland: in Polish and in English

CS-120 Improved-Version

CS120 speaker cable was once marketed and discontinued few years ago. However, due to serious requests from the market, it came back with the great improvement. The improvement includes many awards winner legendary Harmonic-Strings wire and dual coated gold and rhodium finish spade terminals.

In delivering rich details, smooth and wide range with crystal clear sound, deep and extending dynamic, CS120 Improved-Version is certainly rated among the best in its class. The sound is so exquisite that it will inspire you and touch your soul. It is designed to be the high cost to performance cable but surely for serious music lovers. Do not afford to miss it!

Type of terminals: Spade terminals only made in high purity copper
Available sizes: 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m
Longer length: available to order
Set of 2 cables

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Jumper Cable: MAX-Jumper

MAX-Jumper cable

Lately, high-end speaker systems on the market have been engineered to produce frequency range so wider thereby sounds ultimate and so much close to sound of live music.
MAX-Jumper, we designed can deliver high frequency amazingly smooth without fuzziness and distortions. The exceptionally natural sound MAX-Jumper brings out is due to our custom-design oriented PCOCC purest copper and handcrafted wire while most of cables other makes are machine-made.
So faith to original source is no gaps and you found yourself as if you are listening to live performance at home.

Wire: Purist and absolute directional PCOCC
Terminals: Purist PCOCC copper custom design banana gold / Rhodium plated
Size: 45cm long. Set of 2 cables

Cable Supports: