When you look at the behind of your systems, you may fed up with the jungle of cables and cords. They are tangling and tackling each other across signal cables over speaker cables and power cords or vice versa. The cables and cords in this state of condition, they will unnecessarily influence the sound of your system. The quality of sound will become degrade by diverting the sound muddy, sharper-edged, interference signal transmission and many more.

Harmonix CoreRing CR-4105 and CR-4107 sort out this problem almost perfectly. They can well manage the cables and cords placement without interference and give them freedom to bring out the potential of the system maximum by thorough signal transmission– effectiveness of which is a very big. The sonic gains offered by Core Ring CR-4105 and CR04107 is wholly of musical nature, increasing listening pleasure, greatly improve harmony and articulation, more transparent, spacious stereo image and not least, better dynamic expression. What more you can ask of Core Ring? CoreRing CR-4105 and CR-4107 also minimize cables and cords vibration and protect them from electrostatic producing by the chemical fiber such as carpets. Availability: September 1, 2009.


Set of 2 pcs.
Color: Dark wood only.
CR-4105L (L-size) or CR-4105S (S-size). Dimensions.
Designed mainly for signal cables but acceptable to use for not only signal cables but also for the speakers and power cords, by the cable diameter.

Set of 2 pcs.
Color: Dark wood in two tone colors.
Designed mainly for power cords and speaker cables but can also be used for signal lines and others, by the size of the cable diameter. Dimensions.