About xrcd

What is xrcd …

How can you faithfully CD the original master?
This is a high quality CD software that can be played back with high sound quality with a regular CD player, born to pursue thoroughly all processes from sound source, mastering, and production to this theme.
You can enjoy it with high sound quality regardless of which CD player you play.

What is different?
1) Very close to original master. (98% in terms of%)
2) The sound quality of your system is much better.
3) The sound is natural, listening and not tiring, enjoying music.
4) It also becomes a test CD because it understands the drawbacks of the system.
5) Because it is extremely faithful to the original song, you can understand the song well.
6) Your auditory sensation is polished and sharp.

Xrcd is a CD reference and system reference. (A bit more detailed explanation)