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ジャズ・ヴォーカル・コレクション 3

ジャズ・ヴォーカル・コレクション 3
Carol Welsman/Dina Blade/Esther Kaiser/Jenny Evans/Maria Winther/Cynthia McCorkindale
■レーベル:Master Music
■フォーマット:xrcd24 Refined Digital
待望のJazz Vocal Collection 3


 1. What A Fool Believes (Carol Welsman)
 2. Why Don't You Do Right? (Carol Welsman)
 3. You & The Night & The Music (Dina Blade)
 4. Give Me The Simple Life (Dina Blade)
 5. Open Your Eyes You Can Fry (Esther Kaiser)
 6. Throw It Away (Esther Kaiser)
 7. Be What You Want To (Jenny Evans)
 8. Paint It Black (Jenny Evans)
 9. I've Grown Accustomed To His Face (Maria Winther)
 10. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing (Maria Winther)
 11. After You've Gone (Cynthia McCorkindale)
 12. C'est Si Bon (Cynthia McCorkindale)

The beautiful voices of 6 artists carefully selected from famous records.
Direct cutting from the original sound sources into 24bib/175kHza.