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Masterpiece II ~ Touching Folklore Music【Noteworhty】

corazon de Mario Suzuki

corazon de Mario Suzuki / Masterpiece II ~ Touching Folklore Music
Mario Suzuki (Guitar)
Masao Okada (Guitar)
Miyuki Fujimoto (Guitar)
Susumu Nishizaki (Piano)
■Label:Master Music
■Format:xrcd24 Super Analog
Noteworthy works
XRCD24-NT021 is the second work of folklore master Mario Suzuki.
The mater is an analog tape recording, and the recording tape is vintage and ordered from the United States. The recording studio is located in special room of Onkio Hause in Tokyo.
Under the direction of a well-known system engineer, it is performed in an environment that controls everything from recording equipment to indoor equipment. The recording was made by the master Yoshihiko Kannari. In addition, there is a piano concerto in this work however, the film music composer and music arranger Susumu Nishizaki is specially participating.
This work is a like Gem with an exceptional recording.
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 1. Journey
 2. Whispering
 3. Poem
 4. In breazing
 5. Thinking of you
 6. Cinema (New Snow Village) theme
 7. Memory of Arashiyama
 8. At Hotel La Mirador
 9. Elapsed Waltz
 10. Feelings
 11. In Granada
 12. Night goes on
 13. Remembering of you
 14. Reminiscence
 15. Menologue
 16. Voice of Wave