Reference Studio Power Cord

The finest AC power cords ever designed!

Your audio system's power cords are like the arteries in your body. If your arteries have problems, your whole physical system is affected. Similarly, when there is electromagnetic and RF interference in the cords, the sound quality of your whole audio system deteriorates. For years, Harmonix engineers have been studying cord insulation materials and construction methods, discovering the definitive rules that govern efficient conductivity and smooth electron flow in cables.

The Harmonix X-DC2 and Studio Master AC power cords are the result of this relentless research. They cause no interference-just give you breathtakingly clear sound, more dynamic and lifelike than possible with any other cables. High-pitched sharpness decreases, notes become clearer and more delineated, sonic response increases and has more organic elegance. It's no wonder world famous recording engineers call the X-DC “Studio Master” the best cords they've ever used. JVC uses them at their XRCD mastering studio, where the finest reference quality CD digital mastering is done. Just try them! You'll be amazed.

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It’s almost 10 years since X-DC Studio Master was introduced. During 10 years of its service, the improvement had been made to X-DC Studio Master for several times. In reflecting on the demand by discerning music lovers and cycle of product life time, X-DC Studio Master has this time been significantly upgraded. It’s also designed to perform highly cost-to-performance power cords and definitely there is a second to none in its class.

New X-DC350M2R is very faith to the power conductance. It delivers more dynamics, more information, better tonal balance, sonic clarity and wider for all frequency. The exquisite and fabulous sound that New X-DC350M2R will deliver, you will be enjoyed music listening so much than ever before.

In addition to our oriented Harmonix Resonance Control Technology and selected fine sleeve, New X-DC350M2R have been employed all WattGate in Rhodium finish.

While so many cables with attractive statement for the quality by many other cable company, X-DC350M2R is truly great AC power cord your money can buy.

Wire: Newly designed OFC and directional
Plug: WATTGATE350i-RH + 330i-RH or 390i-RH Schuko
Size: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m length

* The exterior of products may be changed without notice.

* X-DC “Studio Master” 350

X-DC2F Power cord

The World only tuned power cord
Extraordinary Dynamic and Clear Power cord

Wire material: Custom design OFC and directional.
Plug & Connecter: Furutech FI-15R Plus + Furutech FI-15MR Plus
European Type: SCHUKO: Furutech FI-15RPlus + Furutech FI-35R
Standard size: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m
Longer length is available to order
Meet RoHS requirement

X-DC2F, while being using the same wire material as X-DC2, has been further improved for power conductance to dramatically smooth, and thereby more subtle and better contour. X-DC2F, at the same time, brings out impressive and energetic power bass to satisfy those of who love to listen to Rock and Jazz bands.

X-DC2F is a truly great power cord in this class that none can meet.

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