During 1990 to 2004, TU-1000 and TU-210ZX had captured heart of music lovers around the globe with the great tuning effect and performance. Since then ・・・・・・,

Experience with success of Million Maestro series of Harmonix, they have been hoping and eagerly waiting
for TU-210ZX and TU-1000 back to market in Million Maestro.
Here they are now with mind-blowing effect and perfect performance!

Million is Harmonix symbolic mark for the products meet the highest quality standard that explore inspires and assets of tuning Maestro.
Million is designed with his hope to share them with audio connoisseur around the globe.
TU-1000 and TU-210ZX Million Maestro are Harmonix heritage that surpasses expectation and raise “The Art of Music”
reproduction to unprecedented levels!
Harmonix heritage TU-1000 and TU-210ZX Million Maestro is truly the Art of tuning devices and posting a true music platform.
Auditioning the sound improvement of the system treated with TU-1000 and TU-210ZX Million Maestro,
you can most appreciate the true music reproduction becomes unthinkably involving.

TU-1000 Million Maestro

Gift Box

TU-210ZX Million Maestro

Gift Box

TU-1000 Million Maestro
Tuning feet
Materials : Metal/wood Hybrid
  2 pcs / set in Art craft wooden gift box
Weight allowance : some hundreds
Size : 60mm(φ) x 28mm(H)
  Adjustable high by 3mm
TU-210ZX Million Maestro
Tuning Tip Toe type feet
Materials : Metal/wood Hybrid
  2 pcs / set on Art craft wooden gift box
Weight allowance : some hundreds kgs
Size : 60mm(φ) x 43mm(H)
  Adjustable high by 3mm

Tuning Feet

The first step in uncovering sound you didn't even know was there!

Harmonix tuning feet are the first step towards perfect sound. Placed under CD players, turntables, preamps, power amps, speakers, and other equipment, these remarkable devices eliminate electronic and mechanical distortion to bring out a depth of sound you didn't even know was there. After positioning the tuning feet, turn up the volume and hear the difference: clearly defined instruments emerge with much cleaner edges; the sound range becomes more balanced, with richness and sensitivity in the mid range. Vocals snap with more accuracy and immediacy. There is a much quicker response, less decay, and no distortion. Harmonix tuning feet also reduce noise, jitter and rippling in video equipment, resulting not just in better sound, but also in better color contrast and vividness of image.

Sound Improvements from Tuning feet

1) Weaker sounds that went unnoticed before stand out.
2) The width of sound range delivered increases, for more volume and articulation.
3) Dynamic range and sound resolution increase, with no distortion at high volume.
4) Sonic uplift becomes crisper, and each sound more delineated.
5) Response becomes faster, with a quicker snap.
6) Heavy bass sound range expands for more presence.

Ideal For:

Speakers of any size or type
Preamps, power amps, pre-main amps, tube amps, solid state amps etc.
CD players, analog players
High end D/A converters
Laser disc players, TV, projectors, DVD players etc.

RF-900M-Ad Adjustable

RF-900M-Ad adjustable is a new and stunning spike base designed in use for speakers, audio electronics and computer interface. RF-900M-Ad bring out the maximum potential of given speakers and electronics.

Due to height adjustable, RF-900M-Ad can perfectly contact of speaker or electronics device such as CD player, DA converter, power amp, control amplifier, computer interface devices, not only but RF-900M-Ad can offer versatile use.

RF-900M-Ad will unleash maximum potential given speaker and every other electronic device.
RF-900M-Ad removes unwanted distortion, resulting in surprisingly good sound quality by balancing entire frequency spectrum perfectly. Then, reproduction sound of music will get closer to original music.
The Improvement is so obvious and immense with quicker response, extended and deeper base, rich and subtle mid-range.

RF-900M-Ad Adjustable Ultimate Spike Base priciple
Transforming and balancing resonance
Hybrid layer of wood & Metal.
Size: 36mm(Φ) x 29mm(H)
Weight limit: Some hundreds kilograms.
Color: Black

RF-999α+ Million匠Maestro

Newly designed RF-999α+ Milion 匠maestro is a spike base with a rich sense of presence and realism that is given to serious music connoisseur.
New RF-999α+ Million 匠Maestro is designed to Extremely delicate and both of frequency reproduction for low and high to the extremely wider. New RF-999α+Million 匠Maestro tuning spike base perfectly match with RS-777Z Million Maestro tuning spike as they are terrible effect!

RF-999α+ Million 匠Maestro spike base principle:
Transforming and Balancing Resonance effect.
Materials: Hybrid of wood and metal
Size: 73mm(Φ) x Bottom18(H)
Color: Black
Set of 4 pcs
Weight allowance: Some hundreds kg.

RS-777Z Million Maestro

New product, RS-777Z is a revolutionary Tuning spike.
It is an unconventional work created using maestro’s wisdom, covering everything from materials. RS-777Z will be fascinated by very promising audiophiles.

RS-777Z Million Maestro Tuning Spike
principle transform resonance control device
Hybrid layer of wood & Metal.
Size:22mm(H) x 49.5mm(Φ)
Weight limit: Several hundred kgs.
Color: Black only.

Harmonix Tuning base RF-999Z Million

RF-999Z is a new product that has been improved based on the tuning effect of RF-999MTmk2 and RF-999M and the tunning effect is the greater as Tuning maestro expected.
RF-999Z is designed for large speakers system in principle.
If the speaker already has Spike, receive with RF-999Z. If the speaker does not have Spike, suggest to use REI-168 as spike.
Place REI-168 at the corner of the speaker edge and receive it with RF-999Z.
The height of REI-168 can slightly be adjusted, so adjust it firmly.

RF-999Z spike base principle:
1)Transforming and Balancing resonance
2)Materials: Hybrid of fine wood and metal
3)Color: Black only. Set of 4 pieces
4)Size: 77mm(Φ) Bottom x 22(H)
5)Weight allowance: some hundreds kg.

Harmonix Tuning feet Encourage version TU-77M Million

TU-77M is Million Maestro Feet, which is one of our excellent products. The TU-77M is recommended mainly to use for power amp, DAC, and preamplifier.
In order to maximum effect, place TU-77M Million to be installed at the edge corner of the equipment. If the Power Amp is installed on the carpet, suggest to use the TU-333EX under the TU-77M will maintain the liveliness effect and further improve the tuning effect. Power Amplifier, among the system, is extremely important to do tuning. We strongly recommend it.

TU-77M tuning feet principle:
1)Transforming and Balancing resonance
2)Materials: Hybrid of fine wood and metal
3)Color: Black only. Set of 4 pieces
4)Size: 46mm(Φ) Bottom x 23(H)
Weight allowance: About 100 kg
(TU-77M Million must be placed straight in the vertical direction.)
Advice: Enough break-In time, better tuning effect


RF-808Z Million
Tuning Feet

Created for seriously discerning music lovers is a new RF-808Z Million.
It’s MUSIC!、this is what you feel the sound out of the system with RF-808Z Million.
Experience to listen to a new RF-808Z Million, you are going to become dumbstruck.
It is very musical!

The separation of soundstage is exceptional. It is well balanced and natural.
The instruments are so cleared and delineated. Smoothly extended Lower octaves is smoothly extended. The dynamic is impact and very deep.
Voice is so articular and lifelike without nasal, sibilance, metallic character that is so often encountered in systems. RZ-808Z Million is truly serious discerning music lover’s choice.
Suggest in use together with “The Base” TB-0917 music platform enable you enjoy the best sound ever.

Product specification:
Finish :Selected special wood
Size :50mm(W) x 33mm(H)
Weight limit :Several hundreds kilograms.
Color :Black and a Set of 4 pcs.

RF-808Z Million and TB-0917 under power amplifier
Very powerful installation sample

令REI-168 Million "Majesty" Distortion-free Tuning Spike

REI-168 Million “Majesty” is a Tuning Spike that, as the name implies, exhibits the ultimate Tuning effect.

REI-168 can be used for every kind of audio equipment. In particular, however, it exhibits an extremely advanced Tuning effect for speaker systems and power amplifiers. REI-168 is suggested to be used in combination with RF-999M, RF-999MTmk2 or RF-909Xmk2. Tuning effect for example, if REI-168 is adopted to speaker system, the music will sublime to a higher level ever experience. Furthermore, the balance of entire frequency ranges becomes wonderfully clearer and 3D three-dimensional soundstage. It also acquire so much better articulation with remove noise. The vocals sings beautifully and harmoniously with No fuzz. Product specification:Transforming and balancing resonance.

Materials: Selected wood/Metal base
Size: 27.0(H) x 43.5(Φ)mm
Color : Black
Weight allowance: Some hundreds kgs
Set of 4 pcs

RFS-65m Hyotan
- Simply Indispensable
A “Million” Maestro product

Hyotan is another new and proud Harmonix creation that complements the “Million” Maestro series of audiophile products.

Our smallest-dimensioned set of tuning feet, Hyotan is designed for various electronics and loudspeaker applications where space is limited. Hyotan tuning feet not only transform and balance resonance, they also eliminate harmful distortion caused by resonance from such electronics as amplifiers, digital processors, CD transports, and loudspeakers. Treat your system with Hyotans and fully savor and appreciate a degree of ambient information retrieval that is nothing less than breathtaking. Experience the kind of magnificent music reproduction that will engage and impassion any music lover.

Instruments enjoy better separation and delineation, the vocal reproduction is much more lifelike, the dynamics have a more natural character and impact, while the noise floor is significantly lowered. Transients acquire a crispness reminiscent of a live musical performance.

Harmonix are the only professional tuning devices that maximize the potential of electronic equipment and loudspeakers to achieve the original goals their designers set for superb quality and faithful audio reproduction. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Product specification:
Tuning principle: Transforms and balances resonance
Dimensions: 16.5 mm (H) x 28 mm (Ø)
Colors: Silver metal base / top embraced in dark wood
Weight limit: 100+ kg
Assembly and applications: See back.
Note: Hyotans require a break-in period – the more time, the better the tuning.

RFS-65m with Gift Box

Harmonix Tuning feet
TU-65M Million

The highest grade TU-65M Million was finally success to design.
TU-65M is a successor of TU-606Z has received a great deal of support from customers for a long time, but has decided to retire.
This successor TU-65M now became the Million and will be affected by the excellent feet. TU-65M Million can be used itself, but excellent synergistic effect can be obtained by using it together with TU-333EX .

Product specification:Hand-crafted “Art-of-Spike base”.
Set of:4pcs.
Size: 322mm(H) x 34mm(W) x 36(Bottom)
Finish & materials:Selected wood and metal base. hybrid.
Color: Black metal base and darker black wood.
Weight allowance:allowance: 80 kilograms

Harmonix Tuning Spike base
RF-900M Million

Due to the corona epidemic, there have been various hardships for a long time, but after overcoming those hardships, the highest grade RF-900M Million was finally success to designed and announced at the best time. RF-900M Million is rather a small spike base as previous RF-900mk2, but the material is carefully selected and each one is handcrafted and carefully finished. We believe that the customers who use it will surely be satisfied. Suggestion to the most effective use of RF-900M Million can be used only with RF-900M, but excellent synergistic effect can be obtained by using it together with TU-333EX or RF-808Z Million. Please try it.

Product specification:Hand-crafted “Art-of-Spike base”.
Set of:4pcs.
Size: 32mm(bottom) x 13mm(high)
Finish & materials:Selected wood and metal hybrid.
Color:Darker wood and black metal top.
Weight allowance:80 kilograms

Harmonix Tuning Spike Base
RF-909Z Million

RF-909Z is designed to be used for speaker systems with spikes and audio racks. Of course, It can also be used for other electronic devices such as CD players, DA converters and Amplifiers. RF-909Z can be adjusted in height for the first time with a spike base, and it can be installed to matching perfectly of the equipment so that it is a very convenient design. Furthermore, when used in combination with TU-333EX (Tuning Insulator), it has a synergistic effect. RF-909Z Million is also suggested to be used with REI-168 (Tuning spike) for speaker without spike and other equipment is highly recommended.

Improvement effect of RF-909Z:
1) Increases the transparency of all bands
2) Smooth extension of high frequencies
3) Increased amount of information and organic delicacy
4) Graininess of sound and consonants become clear and beautiful chords
5) Realism increases and the sound becomes three-dimensional
6) Amount of information increases, the sound becomes delicate and organic
Design philosophy: Arrangement of resonance transpormation

Production material: Rare wood and metal hybrid
Durable weight: hundreds of kg
Size: 55 (φ) x 21 mm (H)
Color: Black. 4 pieces / set