Harmonix X-DC Studio Master WattGate 350, 2 m

It is a rigid power cable, large in diameter. It is because of average flexibility that it seems to be not so convenient for making connections.

The connectors are of WATTGATE, contacts are made from Audio Grade copper with gold plating. Hot contact is marked. Conductor’s wires are made from 6N mono crystal copper.

The sound is deep, fast, and very neutral and even all over frequency range.

Dynamics and details are above any expectations and all this in combination with high clarity and accuracy.

Bass was very deep, clear and fast, midrange was very neutral. A minimal chilliness is noticeable at the high frequencies and upper midrange.

Vocals were very clear and neutral. Soundstage was wide, deep and solid, with stable images.

Even with the most problematic recordings we didn’t notice any unacceptable changes, the same can be said regarding listening at the low level of volume.

The soundstage maintained its solidness and saturation practically under any conditions.

X-DC Power Cords