Being sometimes since G-Line ENACOM was sold out. It came back again freshly upgraded and that has become 20th Anniversary Special Edition. A big different as seen between first version and 20th Anniversary Edition, New Great-Line ENACOM have been uniquely and effectively improved by all aspect including such as case, connecters and wire.

Sound? Definitely, greater sound of 20th Anniversary Special Edition can hardly be afforded to miss out! Experience it by yourself, you’re going to love it. Audio signals travel virtually without distortion through the electronic circuitry to the output terminals. But once the signal starts travelling through the interconnect cables and speaker wires, it encounters load resistance, producing a ringing high-frequency distortion. This distortion brings you the harshness and grain in sound.

Great-Line ENACOM removes the harsh noise and grain. The music will start rolling and smooth in no way lacks for details and dimension. Sound will become so musical, relaxed and comfortable to listen. String instrument such as guitar and violin will become superbly delineate, more powerful and dimensional.

Great-Line ENACOM will elevate the sound quality of the systems up to unparallel level. Suggest all expensive line cables owners take up Great-Line and enjoy great music you have ever never experienced.