The TB-0917 bases are received in good condition.

During the first night audition, the overall sound stage appears to be better controlled than previously. When compared to the REI-168 tuning spike Million (base extension is truly amazing), the REI-168 still comes up tops in my personal opinion though.

Moving on to the second and third night, the soundstage expanded three-dimensionally somehow.
I found that the music sound information excellent. Same goes for the background accompaniment, vocal, decay and sound field!
It seems like the base TB-0917 requires some break in time like my interconnect Hijiri HGP. Am looking forward to seeing how it grows.

On the fourth day, I noticed the TB-0917 makes the power amp works at a higher performance level. The music seems louder than previously, though I was playing the same disc and the pre-amp volume was set at one bar lower.

The combination of REI-168 tuning spike, RF-999MT mk2 and TB-0917 music platform is marvellous. It is truly an indispensable product.
A heartfelt thanks to you for your professional advice (though I still need to tighten my belts for a while.) I enjoy my audio room tremendously.

Music lover

Reported on July 2020