Harmonix Master Sound Analog Record, HQ-180 Gram

Duke Jordan Trio
Premium Edition
side A
1. Tea for Two
2. Stardust
3. My Funny Valentine
4. Jor-Du
side B
1. Kiss of Spain
2. All The Things You Are
3. Solitude

Harmonix Master Sound Analog Record. 1st Release, Premium Edition
MSA-001 SO NICE DUKE by Duke Jordan Trio

Originally recorded by TBM Records, Japan in August 1982 when Duke Trio visited Japan for third times they performed at the ideal Jazz spot called “So Nice” in Nagoya, Japan. Around 1982, it was BEST and GOLDEN time for Jazz music and quality analog records when TBM released many of the world renowned albums such as “Blow Up”, “Misty” and “Midnight Sugar” named few. “So Nice Duke” was one of them that TBM had recorded in live.
Albums of “So Nice Duke” is all popular and standard music selected by Duke for his fans. Juke was born in April 1, 1922. It was just his 60 years old when he came back to play at Nagoya in 1982. They say it was time he was maturity as musician, and performing his unique playing technique and skill.
As you listen to “SO NICE DUKE”, Analog record we produce, you find the quality as you are in a live session.