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Stereophile Show
Home Entertainment 2005
Hi-Fi and Home Theater Event

By Rick Becker
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To get to the next room I must have entered the Twilight Zone. I know I was there because I have some literature, a couple of photos and the business card of Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi, the managing director of the Comback Corporation of Japan which brings us the Harmonix tuning devices and Reimyo audio equipment. These companies are not listed in the catalog, but were located in the May Audio room. Last year I raved about the sound of their Bravo loudspeaker made for them by Gradient of Finland. It was even more special this year, perhaps because of the super-tweeter placed on top of the Bravo. Or perhaps because of their new Royal Stage rack system pictured here. Each stage costs $5400 and a set of extension legs that allow you to stack two stages costs an additional $1300. At the very least, this is the finest jewelry you can buy for your audio system. Quite possibly, it is also a world-class tuning device, which may not be the same thing as a vibration dampening device. The music here was very smooth and open within the limitation of the small driver at the low end, but limitless at the high end with the contribution of the super-tweeter.

The highly acclaimed Reimyo CDP-777 player and their separate DAC are designed to take advantage of the JVC 20bit K2 processing that extends frequency response to ethereal levels. I know I don't "hear" music that high in frequency, but somehow it makes a contribution to what I can hear in the main body of the music. I expect they were playing the JVC CDs to maximize this effect, so next year I will have to be sure to request a selection from my compilation CD. This, too, was among the Best Rooms at the show. I'm sure they will not be sending me a Royal Stage to scratch up with my components, but possibly a set of spikes will come my way for audition. Combak Reimyo CDP-777 CD player/transport is reviewed here.

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